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About Us

Airflow Solutions, LLC has achieved a strategic combination of maintenance & technical services that are rarely offered by an Independent MRO. Competencies focus on a full “Pylon Down” approach to commercial aircraft by providing services for Jet Engine maintenance, borescope and preservation, in addition to the full overhaul of thrust reversers & exhaust nozzles, inlet cowlings, core cowl doors and engine mounts. These maintenance capabilities extend to airframe components such as the overhaul of flight control surfaces, landing gear doors, translating sleeves and nacelles. In addition to 65,000 square feet of shop floor located in our Tulsa, OK facility, Airflow Solutions offers fast dispatch, on-site maintenance world-wide via our Field Services Teams. Airflow Solutions hold regulatory approvals from the FAA, EASA, in addition to the approval of various global airlines and OEMS.